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Excellent weather App

This app gets right to the point, looks great and provides up to date info... Better than most pay apps!

Great App!

Its a really good weather app! I love being able to see the hourly & the different maps!

Great ap

Finally an easy to use ap showing ALL the information I want on one page instead of flipping to different pages!!!!

Great, but...

The app is better than expected. I will be using it from now on for my primary weather app. I would LOVE to see an option for alerts for school/business closings or an option to view it. Please update! Great app A+++++


Way to go 69 news!! This app is perfect. Everyone in Lehigh Valley area needs to download/use.

GreAt app!!!

I Like it now i can use this one

Great Ap for Lehigh Valley residents

I love that I can get the weather forecast video from the latest news broadcast as well as school closings, hourly and 10 day forecasts. Great job on this ap!

Love This App!

Lots of information presented in a clear and organized way. Its easy to navigate, too.

StormTracker 6 is much better

I never get any alerts. And yes I do have set to give me alerts properly. I have StormTracker 6 from Philly. I get alerts for three different states including where I live, that I have set to alert me and I get alerts for every area I have set. This local based weather app give me no alerts all for Berks or any where. I use to get news and weather alerts from the old 69news app. This new one is awful. It is useless. I do have the most up to date IOS too.

Good app

Gives me the weather in my area and all of the special weather updates and warnings

The little apple and 69

In general 69 news keep the Leighigh Valley up-to-date . Otherwise known as as the little apple . So as a viewer of the 69News and like to thank all staff members for their laughter and joy, bad that we need to know keep up the good work. PS All stuff members should be getting a raise ? >>>>> God Bless <<<<<<

Works good

Does the job if the only thing you want is weather


I rely on this app to look at the radar. Although, when i go to the radar tab, if i click the "past" button, then "play", it shows up fine with the real precipitation on the radar matching the colors of the map precipitation meter but, then when i click the "future" button, then "play", it shows the radar but, it looks completely different than the "past". It will show up like greyish clouds with no matching color to the precipitation meter at bottom of the map. So, in other words, theres no way of telling what the "future" radar will really be, only the "past" radar. Please fix this bug. Thanks so much.


I really downloaded this to watch the forecast but the videos dont show up on my phone anymore

69News WX

Not happy with the new version. Using the older version, plugged in to power, I was able to have the map on screen for very long periods of time. This was helpful being able to actually see the progress of storms. The program would update its self every few minutes, thus allowing the iPad to remain on. The new version turns off in 2 minutes(as set in Settings). I now have to increase the number of minutes in Settings in order to keep the map displayed. I hope this can be corrected as I found watching the map very helpful during serious weather conditions, all without making any changes to my settings.

Dont like it

The font color adjustment is better. But I still dont like the update. Everything is too small and Im not old. I will not be using this app at all anymore.

New app??

What I see of it I like, but it wont let me keep it. It pops up on my app, I press download, but when I close an reopen my app, the new app is gone, and asks if I want upload again...???????

New version of the weather app

I had the older version of this app for quite a few years and loved it! I also like this new version. Especially all the info you can now get for each of the ten days. I especially like being able to look at the live weather video without having to go to the syncbac app! Great App! The only thing I would like to see added is a direct email link from the app to the weather crew for questions and to send photos!!!

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